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Openfire AD user login is ok, Spark AD users login ok - no log

I have installed a new instance of Openfire server on my PC. I have configured it to use the embedded database, and AD authentication.

Testing the connection to the AD is OK, and openfire can retrieve individual groups, individual users and their group memberships.

An AD user can login into server to administer it, however - no users can login with spark, nor do i see any attempt of login in any of the logs.

I have tried to login with spark on the same machine as the server, and on the different machine as the server - the same thing.

I have also tried to login with the admin user (that can login into admin console), still nothing

I have setup the AD connection to use the complete AD (since every user should be able to use it)

Does anyone have the same problem, and more important - does anyone know what the solution to this problem is?


Read the announcement above the forums.