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Openfire Admin Console stays on setup screen, but I have already configured it, and its working... how do I now manage it?

Hi… I have limited knowledge of linux, because we had an outsource IT Company help setup openfire for me.

Our openfire management console is inaccessible. When I go to login, it always goes to the initial setup page. All of our spark clients are working perfectly.

We have an LDAP integration with AD. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I need to login, and make some management changes and updates, but I dont want to start all over and re-set it back up.

Thank you in advance!


Running the setup again shouldn’t break anything, if you specify the same options as were during the initial setup. Probably user running the Openfire doesnt have write permissions on /openfire/conf/ folder, so the changes in openfire.xml are not saved.

Thanks wroot… I actually found the solution here: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/159114#159114

It seems that the service was running 2x. I figured out what was causing it to start twice. Once I got it down to a single instance, it went away!

Thanks for your help!