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Openfire Admin Console


It was smooth sailing from downloading, installation, and setup. Details:

Ubuntu Linux 11.04 - 32 bit

Java version “1.6.0_31”

Openfire 3.7.1

-BUT- when I get to the page to login to the “Openfire Admin Console,” none of the userid/password combinations that I entered will work!

Up until now, Openfire was great! What can I do now???

I remember the last page of the setup asked for the admin’s email address and a password … but they don’t work!

Neither do the MySQL login data.

What is this program expecting?

Thank you,

  • Bill

3.6.x versions did need a restart after the initial installation. I wonder whether this is still the case.

I restarted the server, but still every combination of UID / PW fails.

I do have access to the MySQL database, what table / record should I look at in order to get this administrator login information?

The table is the OFUSER table and it should contain one entry like:

VALUES(‘admin’,NULL,‘encrypted-password’,‘First Last’,‘email@example.com’,‘001286397400265’,‘001190579904356’)

You may want to change it to (‘admin’,‘admin’,NULL,…) - the unencypted admin password will be “admin”. Changing the password should encrypt it again.

Thank you, LG! I didn’t even need to reset it … the thing that had me stumped was the userid --> admin!

I must have somehow missed that in the documentation of installation.