OpenFire and Active Directory Errors

Our organization is setting up an OpenFire server in a stage environment to test before implementation. While doing the setup, however, we have come to an impasse with the Active Directory. During step one of the process, the Connection settings, we keep receiving the following error when we press ‘Test Settings’.:

Status: Error


connecting to the LDAP server. Ensure that the directory server is

running at the specified host name and port and that a firewall is not

blocking access to the server.

We cannot seem to get past this error. AD integration is crucial to our being able to use OpenFire. Our server is STAG1, which has many server instances on it, one of which is STAGPDCV. It is on this instance that our Active Directory is, under the domain STAG-Protrans.corp. We have configured our staging Active Directory to be something like:







Domain Controllers


We created a user in the active directory, and assigned it to be members of both ‘Domain Users’ and ‘Administrators’. We then used the following in openfire setup:

ServerType:Active Directory

Host: STAGPDCV Port: 389

Base DN: cn=corporate, dc=STAG-Protrans, dc=corp

Administrator DN: <adminuser>

password: <admin user’s password>

The server firewalls are turned off, the port is open, yet we are still getting the error. Does anyone know what we are doing wrong here?

Thanks for the help!

Sorry, I forgot to mention: I am using OpenFire 3.5.2 on MS Windows Server 2003 R2.

ServerType:Active Directory

Host: STAGPDCV.STAG-Protrans.corp Port: 389

Base DN: OU=corporate,DC=STAG-Protrans,DC=corp

Administrator DN: domain\adminuser or adminuser@STAG-Protrans.corp or full DN to the users

password: <admin user’s password>

I attached a sample openfire.xml config file for reference.

Thank you very much, this solved our problems, and the file will help us with our further customization.

We are very excited to be migrating to using OpenSource!