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Openfire and Active Directory

Okay, I am knew at this, and I am trying to connect my server to my activedirectory server. I get success until i get to step 3 - group mapping. When it fails. any help is greatly appreciated.

It fails with what exactly? Please send us the error (at least the text you get when klicking “test”). Do you have a filter applied? If so, please post it.

Usually the entries should be “cn, member, description” for a standard AD. Post yours if they differ.

Should not lead to this failure but still could become your next problem:

Do you have any groups existing within your specified BaseDN? Openfire needs an AD-Group with users. It cannot group by itself on a certain field (wich is a pity IMHO) .

Okay i fixed that error… now my new error is on Step 2 User mapping.

Status: Error

No users were found using the specified configuration. Try changing the base

DN, user filter or username field.

I uploaded screen shots of all the steps and my AD set up


Your error lies in your base DN. First you really should not keep users in the default Users container. You should create an OU with no spaces in the name to house your users. This is so you can apply policies and such. Same goes for groups. That being said… You do not appear to have a cn=Openfire in the Users container. You have a group. They are not the same. Just drop the cn=Openfire from the base DN and you should be fine.

Thanks man, that fixed it.