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Openfire and AD

Hello All.

I`m russian, sorry my bad english…

I have one DOMAIN.LOCAL, two openfire servers (of1.domain.local and of02.domain.local) in two officies. Networks are different.

Servers are configured to AD, all AD-users are in group “IM”.






S2S configured and Server Connections are present on each openfire-server.

Group “IM” shared on each openfire-server.

Users can login to either openfire-server, but cant see online users of another server. Thats if I logged in of01, I can see online users of of01, but can`t see online users of of02.

I tried to add AD-users into different groups (for example, IM_1 and IM_2) and change filters. After restarting openfire-server (of01, IM_1) i have normal user-list in IM_1 and trash in IM_2:

cn=call-centr1,ou=user,dc=domain,dc=local@of01 *

cn=call-centr2,ou=user,dc=domain,dc=local@of01 *

cn=call-centr3,ou=user,dc=domain,dc=local@of01 *

cn=call-centr4,ou=user,dc=domain,dc=local@of01 *

What I do wrong?

Please, help…