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Openfire and chatzilla

I am trying to setup a instant messaging capability on a closed stnadalone network. It is based on Sun Solaris 9 UNIX servers and workstations and some windows 2003 servers and XP workstations. I have gotten the openfire ( latest version )server installed on a UNIX server and am trying to get the chatzilla client that is installed by default with the mozilla browser software. I think the client is seeing the server but I am never able to see a server b roadcasted message nor do the clients ever show up in the admin window as being online. I am able to attach to a server, then join a channel, but I never see any text from any other person nor are they able to see my postings? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I believe that I have the server setup correctly as I am able to have chat sessions using the server from a more recent version of Sun Solaris software.

thanks in advance

Eric falen


on http://www.mozilla.org/projects/rt-messaging/chatzilla/ one can read “IRC in Mozilla, aka ChatZilla”. Do you use a special XMPP module to connect to Openfire? Does ChatZilla work for you when you connect to any other XMPP server?


I have not installed any special capabilities for using IRC with Openfire. I have not seen anywhere in the Openfire installation that there was a special module for IRC clients. Openfire is the only XMPP server that I have installed.

Hi Eric,

as Openfire is an XMPP server (RFC 3920 and RFC 3921) and ChatZilla is an IRC client (RFC1459) I wonder how an IRC client should connect to an XMPP server - the protocols are as far as I know not compatible.


I understand that chatzilla is an IRC client and openfire is a XMP based server. I understand now from your reply that openfire does not support IRC clients, would that be a true statement? If it is true, would you be able to point me in a direction that I could look for an IRC based server? You appear to know considerably more about this than I do so your information would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Eric,

you may ask google for ircd servers, there are a lot of servers available. The ones I have seen are much harder to install and configure than Openfire.

http://ircd-hybrid.com/ and http://www.unrealircd.com/ are two pages which offer IRC servers.

While an IRC is probably an old-school protocol I prefer XMPP a lot. But as I don’'t know your use case you may be very happy and much better off using IRC instead of XMPP.



we have tested Openfire and the IM Gateway (1.1.0beta2) plugn to bridge the two different networks IRC and XMPP.

The IRC server on Solaris 8 was ircd and we used mIRC and doIRC as clients.

In Psi we could discover and join IRC channels. I would prefer XMPP over IRC because I believe XMPP is more secure ( IRC and IM Protocols ) but you might be better off with Chatzilla since no additonal installation/application is required.


Thank you for the information. I did look into the IRC capability and could find no one in my organization that was interested in going in that direction. So I am now back to trying to find a Solaris 9 XMPP client that would work with the Openfire server. I seem to be able to get the server to run without errors, atleast none that I can tell. I have been somewhat successful at getting a “built in” Solaris 10 gaim client to work with the server as long as both server and client are Solaris 10. I downloaded the Spark client software and put it on a Solaris 9 workstation. It appears to start, atleast a base window titled “Spark” appears but no other capability is available. I am able to create a login on the server but am not able to see others or anything else for that matter. The docs for setting up the Spark client are pretty sparce. you would not happen to know where I could find any information about the Spark client and Solairs software would you?

I responded to one other user who had additional information about the IRC capability. In addition to not being able to find anyone interested in working the IRC server software, the in-house Security folks kind put the brakes on the chatzilla capability. It appears to be somewhat insecure. I have been trying to get the Spark client up and running. I downloaded the software and have been able to get the base window to come up. I am able to create an account on the Openfire server. But that is all I am able to do. The window that I get is very plain and does not resemble the window in the online show and tell. I read another post that indicated the software had to be compiled using the ant compiler from the build directory. I am unable to find a build directory? Are you the correct person and is this the correct place to try to resolve this issue? what information can I collect or look for to try to resolve this?


Spark.exe or Spark.msi are installers and work out of the box, no compiler required. If you are referring to images like http://www.igniterealtime.org/images/screenshots/spark_gateway_roster.png and think that your roster is completely empty and your MSN, AOL, … icons are gray than this is the default, a default which applies to every IM client (AIM, ICQ, Y!, …). You need to add contacts to your roster if you want to get such a full roster, and you need to register with the gateways to get colored icons.

So you may want to go to another PC, install Spark also there and create another account. Then you can use the search function on the bottom of the Spark window to find your first account or “admin” which is the default account.


I would like to thank you for your assistance in getting this to work. I am now using the Spark client from both a PC and a UNIX workstation utilizing the Openfire server.

I would like to be able to change the Help button on the spark application to point to a local copy of the user manual. My network is not connected to any outside capability which causes an error when a user tries to use the online help function. Could you tel me how that could be done?

Again, thanks for your ongoing help and support.

Eric Falen

Hi Eric,

you may need to change this in the source code and compile Spark to get this done. But marking this question as solved and asking this in the Spark forum could be a good choice.

If you have a DNS server within your network and the option to setup a web server with the same name and content as http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/spark/docs/spark_user_guide.pdf and a blank page for http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/index.jspa you may do this.