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Openfire and http-bind/Bosh (BAD_REQUEST )


We operate an Open Fire 3.6.3 server that is running well without problems, only http-bind is not working.

when i calling the Server http://seaofsin.net:7070/http-bind/ i get a BAD_REQUEST from the server.

HTTP ERROR: 400 BAD_REQUEST RequestURI=/http-bind/ Powered by Jetty://

I have no more idea of what it may be, in the logs do not appear correctly.

I am grateful for any help

Greeting mor

That address is not designed to be accessed using a web browser, but it’s designed to be accessed using a web client such as sparkweb.


Hello Skolnick,
thanks for your answer,but it can not agree, BOSH is a http protocol, so it should also be on the browser result.
We are a programming now a own web client, if we have a compatible BOSH Requst send because we also get the 400 error back from Jetty.

anyone an idea?

here is the same problem