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Openfire and jwchat

I have installed Openfire 3.6.4 on Ubuntu 9.04 and would like to make a website interface to log into our local chat network. Once enabled, I go to http://localhost:7070 to see the:




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This is showing me that Openfire is listening on port 7070, correct? (As it is not an Apache error message). When I set up jwchat however, it has no options for which server to connect to or on which port. I don’t care about proxying so that it looks like it’s being hosted on port 80, I just want jwchat to to connect to localhost port 7070 and in no “tutorial” does it describe where to set these type of options. I have set everything I can find in config.js of jwclient, and it seems to log in fine with no problems but in the end it is not connected to any server, and the Debugger.js file is missing from the tarball from the jwchat website so I am not sure how to get any debugging information out of that particular application. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated!

You could setup the system property log.httpbind.enabled to true via the admin console and catch the packet log from the standard output (stdout) for debuging.

I did set this in the Openfire options, saw in the debug log that it was enabled, but when I try all kinds of calling localhost:7070 or localhost:7070/http-bind/ it does not create any error/warn/info/debug logs beyond that. What I should probably be looking for is a way to log errors directly from jwchat I think, any advice on that? Because the package comes without any of the required Debugger.js and related files that would enable those kinds of features…

Also I have been thinking, do I imperatively need these mod_rewrite rules in apache to enable a web interface to the jabber backend with this httpbind protocol?