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Openfire and LDAP groups

Hi everyone!

Just got time to play with openfire and encountered a problem with LDAP filtering. My LDAP directory is pretty simple

(see screenshot).

My Base DN is dc=domain,dc=com and is working and i can see users from cn=users in openfire but that’s not what I want.

I want to use cn=openfire users and this group in open fire.

So I’ve set user filer and group filter:


But now I don’t have any users listed in openfire. Can someone point me in right direction how to set this up?

I tried doing that too, but never could get it working. What I ended up doing was using a user search filter: (objectClass=organizationalPerson) and a group search filter of (objectClass=group). This pulled in all of the user accounts and groups. Then I created AD groups just for messaging (IM-DepartmentA, IM-DepartmentB, etc.). Then I went into users/groups > edit groups > picked a group and hit Enable contact list group sharing, gave it a name that matched the department, and shared it with all users. When a staff member logs into Spark, they now see everyone grouped by their department. This has the added advantage of being able to put a user in more than one group in case they roam between two or more departments.