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Openfire and LDAP - how to send the full name from the server automatically?

I installed openfire on a Linux machine and successfully connected it to our local LDAP (active directory).

No a user can connect by XMPP client (spark - for example) by it’s active directory user and password.

I want that after logging in this way the server will send automatically the user full name to the client so when chatting the name before the text will be the full user name (without configuring it in the client settings).

Currently the only thing that the the client is getting automatically from the server is the email (so the client is putting the username before the chat text automatically).

I looked at the LDAP configuration and seems like the server is configured to send this infprmation. How can I know if it sends it?

Can you direct me with the next steps?


I’ll be happy to get some help with this issue…

By default it should work

Check in server properties if the value ldap.vcard-mapping exists and is populated.

it is exists and populated:











still not working. any advice?