OpenFire and OpenLDAP groups and contacts push

I tried using OpenFire and OpoenLDAP, then using Xabber on Android as a client.

User and groups are already configured in the ldap server.

I see the LDAP group on the admin console, named as my company, and it sees 4 members, and lists them.

But if I go to the LDAP users list, I can see the correct users, but clicking on them always says “Groups: none”.

Looks like OpenFire see the groups one way, but no the other. Why?

That way I don’t think I’ll ever automatically get the company contacts list to the xabber client…I think…

The LDAP is organized as :

  • “ou=people,cn=company,cn=com” containing only users of the inetOrgPerson class

  • “ou=groups,cn=company,cn=com” containing only groups of the groupOfNames class

  • group entries have multiple “member: …” to specify members

So I also specified:

  • ldapSearch: (objectCalss=inetOrgPerson)

  • ldapGroupSearch: (objectClass=groupOfNames)

What’s wrong that I’m not getting the contacts list on Xabber?

Why doesn’t the admin interface show me that user “x” has Groups, but shows that the group has 4 users?

Thanks for any help! Great software!