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Openfire and Smack - PEP

Perhaps I asked my question in wrong place before (Openfire Support). So let me repeat here:

I’m trying to get PEP working. I did setup openfire_4_1_3.zip with pretty much all default settings. Use Smack 4.2.0. Basic code is:

PEPManager pepManager = PEPManager.getInstanceFor(connection);  boolean worked = pepManager.addPEPListener(new PEPListener() {  @Override  public void eventReceived(EntityBareJid from, EventElement event, Message message) {  // do something                   }              });  if (pepManager.isSupported())                  pepManager.publish(new Item("pepItem1"), "testNode");

But pepManager.isSupported() is false. Am I missing something in setup?

Thank you