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Openfire and Solid DB 6.0 support?


Has anyone gotten Openfire to work with Solid DB 6.0 (NOT Mysql Solid but the native Solid DB?)

We’re currently evaluating solid and their pricing is so much more tempting compared to Oracle. Has anyone set this up and had it work?



Hey Alex,

I haven’t tested Openfire in that DB but it should be quite easy to test it. If the SQL syntax of Solid DB is similar to MySQL then you can open the file resources\database\openfire_mysql.sql and execute it. It should create the tables used by Openfire. If that worked fine then you will need to get a JDBC driver for that DB and add it to the lib folder. Start the server and give it a try. In a matter of hours you should have the server tested with that DB.

BTW, today we are releasing Openfire 3.4.0 beta 2 that includes a small DB change. We made that change so that Openfire could run with the supported DBs and also with Blackfish SQL.

Let us know how it goes.


– Gato

None of the included sql files load on SolidDB 6.0. Example of the mysql sql file:


username VARCHAR(64) NOT NULL,

password VARCHAR(32),

encryptedPassword VARCHAR(255),

name VARCHAR(100),

email VARCHAR(100),

creationDate CHAR(15) NOT NULL,

modificationDate CHAR(15) NOT NULL,

PRIMARY KEY (username),

INDEX jiveUser_cDate_idx (creationDate)


SOLID Table Error 13032: Illegal type JIVEUSER_CDATE_IDX