Openfire and Spark: File-Transfer Option not available

I am using Openfire with Spark.

I am using the latest Openfire with version 3 and 4.0.

The Spark-Clients are also the latest version.

The file-Transfer settings are enabled but there is no file-transfer-option available in Spark.

Do i have to do something else?

Where should i see in Spark if the function is available?

Thanks in advance


You can right click a contact in your roster and select “Send a file”. If you open a chat window with a contact, then at the top, the 3d button will do the same. You can also just drag a file into a chat window and release it. It then should start a file transfer.

Thanks a lot for your help.

I thought and my hope was that this function would work also in a chatroom.

Do you know how i can add automatically all Openfire-users as contacts to my Spark-Client?

Indeed, file transfer is not available for group chat. This is by design (and most probably by xmpp specifications).

To have all users automatically, add them to a group, then go to this group’s settings and enable Sharing, enter a name and select to share with all.

Thanks a lot. It works great!

Now i am trying to find a way to limit the file transfer size between the clients otherwise it will be a chaos with our users :slight_smile:

You can limit file size via But you will have to produce your custom spark.jar and distribute to your users (you will have to do this for every new version of Spark). Spark guide (updated)