OpenFire and SparkWeb connection issue

My Spark client is connecting to Openfire server through Socket connection.

function jive_sparkweb_getConfig()

    server: "<?=$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']?>",
    connectionType: "socket",
    port: "5222",
    autoLogin: "true",
    username: uname

The connection works fine when my server and cleint are in same domain. But when they are on different domains, the connection is unstable. Sometime it connects and other time it doesn’t.

Am i missing some other setting? Any help will be really appreciated.

You are doing better than I did. I found the only way I could get this working dependably was to use Openfire 3.5.2 not 3.6.0a. I have sparkweb 0.9 running on Apache. I too am using socket/5222 and it works fine.

What versions are you using?

Thanks much!

I am currently using 3.6.0 on solaris box, will try moving to 3.5.2 and see if connection becomes stable then.

I have been debugging this issue since past three days. Hope this will resolve the issue.

Any other issue with 3.5.2 as compared to 3.6.0?

The other issues I’ve run into with this are finding the right plugin versions such as (IM Gateway, registration, Fastpath, Fastpath webchat, monitoring service, ect) as they don’t publish old plugin versions on the downloads page.

One other issue is with sparkweb giving an error because it can not find a sparkwebskin (not exact file name). I just took the assets folder from a previous installation of enterprise and pasted it into the sparkweb folder.

if you need any of these files, just let me know and I’ll upload them to this thread.