Openfire and SSO

Is it a requirement to setup kerberos in order to use SSO?

At this point in time, SSO is implemented using GSSAPI, of which the most common use is Kerberos. Windows AD uses this too, so it covers most bases. Do you have another SSO setup you would like to see implemented?

Hi guys,

I am looking for information everywhere on net, but I can´t find something about CAS ( integrated with OpenFire. I would like to make SSO on Liferay and open Sparkweb.

I will really appreciate your help.



Why would you add something to an old thread from nearly a year ago. You should start your own discussion.

Hello Todd,

Thanks for your answere.

I already opened my own discussion, but there is no answer, I´m new on this forum. In fact, it was the first thing I did.

When I saw that I have in my inbox a reply of discussion from Igniterealtime, I thounght I will have good news . I´m still searching, and when I typed SSO or Openfire or Sparkweb with SSO, all these discussions are comming, and I´m reading them, maybe I can find a solution; sorry about answering an old post; and thought that maybe you found the answer and can help me.

Thanks again for your answere.