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Openfire and Zimbra Ldap

Hello everyone,

I’ve installed Openfire working with zimbra ldap on 2 servers.

Openfire can query all information from Zimbra Ldap, I can see all users, and users can login to Openfire server, chat with others.

I have problem with group on openfire and zimbra. More information:

On zimbra server I create many accounts, some account belong to a group which called Distribution list. Distribution list in zimbra acts as a user:

accountant, people, kienvietcorp.com.vn

dn: uid=accountant,ou=people,dc=domain,dc=com,dc=tld

This for DL accountant.

When setting up openfire with ldap, I dont know how to config group mapping. i setted some properties for group:

ldap.groupMemberField uid

ldap.groupNameField uid

ldap.groupSearchFilter (uid={0})

But openfire shows all my users as many groups without members in it, so I cannot share roster between users.

Someone has experience please help me solve this problem, I spent 2 days testing with many setting, but no luck.

Thank you.