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Openfire APIs sample usage


I want to know if openfire APIs cane be used at the client side to connect to a xmpp server?

I want to develop an admin monitoring tool wherein user can login as an administrator and monitor all the things on the wildfire server.

After looking at API it seems that API support such operations but i am not really sure that it can be used at the client side to develop the above mentioned tool.

I know smack can be used at the client side but smack doesn’t provide the admin monitoring functionality kind of APIs.

Are openfire APIs meant for just plugin development or they can be used on the client side as well to connect to xmpp servers?

Any pointers to samples using the openfire APIS would be highly appreciated?


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They are only accessible on the server. Therefore only plugins have access to them. Openfire doesn’t have any remote API for admin.

What is it exactly that you want to monitor? If you truly only want to monitor (read only) then you could always write a plugin that will query the API and send information via regular XMPP messages to the admin user via a custom monitoring client. You could then use Smack for building the client since you would now be using XMPP for your communications.

Pubsub or MUC are also options if you want a group of users to be able to monitor.


Do recent versions of openfire come with support for remote API for admin? My requirement is to be able to connect to openfire from a remote system and add / remove users from a program running on the remote system in a secure way without having to write any code on the openfire server.

I just tried python openfire API to check for presence of a user on the openfire, it was not succesful.

EDIT: Just saw that the following plugin is installed on the openfire server:

User Service - Allows administration of users via HTTP requests.

Presence Service - Exposes presence information through HTTP