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Openfire: APNs, Scalability, GAE

Hi Everyone,

I am evaluating jabber servers to find a suitable solution for a chat server that will scale well and work with Apple Push Notification Service for iPhone clients. I see that Openfire has a plugin architecture. Can anyone comment on the viability of a plugin that would notify off-line users of pending chat messages through the APNs service. Without diving into the technical details of APNs, is it relatively easy to intercept the messages and determine that a user is off-line in a plugin? Has anyone done any work with Openfire and APNs?

Also, I would like to get some feedback on how well Openfire will scale for a non-enterprise service with tens of thousands of simultaneous users.

Bonus points for anyone that can comment on implementations using Openfire with Google App Engine.

Thanks in advance!


I’ve implemented offline message notification in our database, with a simple stored procedure trigger on the offline messages table. When an offline message is logged, it is also sent via email to the email address on the user’s profile. I’m actually using an email-to-SMS gateway for this right now so offline messages are relayed via SMS, but it could certainly feed APN as well.

Hmmm…I think you have what I’ve been looking for of sorts…

Is it possible to have incoming chat requests from the FastPath plug in sent to email as well? I would love more information on how you accomplised your email notification and what email-SMS gateway you use.

Thanks in advance!