OpenFire architecture diagram and question on auto authorization

I am new to OpenFire…is there a good high level component representation of OpenFire that shows how it all fits together?

Also, when I add a user to my roster from a client, the user sees a popup asking for acceptance of request and when that user accepts

I receieve a popup asking to confirm the acceptance. Is there a way to disable this such that when I add someone to my roster there is

no longer a need for two sided confirmation?

The first part of the question is not clear to me. What are you looking for?

To solve the subscription issue, you need to install the subscription plugin and set it to accept local. You could set it to accept all but this seems to cause errors with new gateway requests and server to server requests.

Thanks for the response on auto authorization. Will try that out.

The first aspect was asking for a component level diagram that shows the internals of the OpenFire engine and how it all plugs together.

I could review the code, but to save time…if there is a nice diagram that summarizes the architecture it would be really useful.

If there is such a diagram I do not know of one. It is fairly simple system unless you are talking about the code. The software uses an embedded jetty server, administration is via a website, plugins can be added to expand the defautl capabilities of the server (Chat gateways, Subscribtion requests, packet filters, etc), the protocol is XMPP, etc. Not sure what else you would like to know specifically. There are docs on the site on how to build plugins. The source code is available to download for openfire, spark and most other products.