Openfire as a webchat

Hello I have been using openfire for years now on Ubuntu for IM via spark on my internal network. We are wanting to open up chat to our customers via our website and I’d like to know what is the latest and greatest plugin to accomplish this. I also need to secure the conversations as they are of a private nature, do I need to use tomcat in conjunction with the plugins to accomplish this. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

Hi Darren, I’ve had great luck using the Ofmeet plugin with Openfire within iFrames in websites.

  1. Install Openfire Ofmeet plugin if not already.

  2. Forward correct ports through network to your Openfire server.

  3. Install SSL Certs on Openfire Server

  4. Setup rooms in Openfire with passwords

  5. (Optional) HtAccess a page on your website with password

  6. Iframe or Div your video room landing page

I prefer a

because using iFrame will “break” the buttons for screen share, etc inside the frame.

Hope this might help,