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Openfire Authentication using outside service instead of DB

Hi all,

Is it possible (maybe through source code modification?) to change the auth method so that it uses a SOAP request to an external web service instead of a DB.

I assume you read already https://igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/db-integrat ion-guide.html.

As the source code is available it should be simple to write another custom auth provider.

Yes I have but I can’t integrate directly with this database. I can however valid credentials based on a session key/token response from that web service. I do have the source code for OpenFire but I’m trying to understand which of the 18 auth classes would need to be modified.


I made modifications to the auth provider class and I modified my config file to use that class as well. However, when the Spark client connects its still connecting using authentication(String,String,String) but since I’m referencing an outside service I need its raw user pass, authentication(String,String,String).