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Openfire back up server

I want to create a backup server. Is there a file created on the main server that can be transferred to the backup server regularly so if the back up server is used, the “user” information is present and current on the backup server?


if you only want to have a backup you need to have the conf/openfire.xml file and access to the database. If you are using the embedded database this means all files in the folder embedded-db. All files can be copied while Openfire is running, also the database files are usually usable unless you copy them during an internal checkpoint of the database.


Thank you

We are using this internally for our department. So if I read this correctly, we can copy these files to the other server and when that’s operational, the data will be as current as the last transfer?

Thanks again for the quick response.


Hi Chico,

as this is the only data which is changed it’s so easy. Even if you need to migrate form one server to another one.

You may want to copy also the lib and the plugins directory to make sure that an update or installation of plugins within server 1 will be done also on server 2.

If you want to change the DNS entry instead of taking over the IP address you should make sure that the TTL of your Openfire DNS entries is not too high.