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Openfire backup

How can i create a backup of my openfire server?

thanks for your attention

Depends on what database you are using. If you use some external database, then you can backup it. If you use the embedded one, then you should backup /openfire/embedded-db folder. You can also backup /openfire/conf folder as openfire.xml can contain some needed information, especially if you are using LDAP integration. Also you can backup logs folder, especially if you are doing audit logging. Well, it’s easier just to backup the whole /openfire folder.

Thanks for your reply.
I´m using embeded db with LDAP integration and my goal is to restore the openfire server fast if it crashes. I´m worried about the roster configuration, becouse it was a hard job configure it.
Another question: is this configuration on the embeded db?
to restore is just copy the /openfire/embedded-db folder?

Thank you one more time.

Yes, the embedded-db is in that folder. But it is better to backup it while Openfire is stopped, as some data can be still in the caches and not flushed into the database.

Thank you for your help