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Openfire Bandwidth Requirements

I was wondering what the bandwidth requirements are for hosting an openfire server assuming a normal instalation with no special addons or plugins.

  1. How much bandwidth per user do you need to host openfire?

  2. How much bandwidth does each spark client require?

  3. Are there ways to reduce bandwidth usage?


it was asked two days ago here: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/154699#154699 - with a link to http://blog.isode.com/2007/07/scaling-of-pres.html If I understand the table within this external link right it’s only the “presence status” without P2P and MUC messages, without file transfer, … but these really depend on the activity of the users.

You should enable compression (not sure if this is the default) within Spark and Openfire to reduce bandwidth.

One can use server-side privacy lists to reject some (or all) incoming and outgoing messages and packets to reduce bandwidth but you may not want to do this if you want to chat normally.