Openfire Benchmark Details

Hey all,

I know there are several posts on scale and benchmarking, but I think I’ve reviewed all of them and can’t find the level of detail I need. We’re using Openfire for both chat and other XMPP transports, and I need to build a model to predict how far a single server will scale. To do this, I need to understand what a simgle “user” looks like in the published testing and benchmark results. For example, the 2007 PDF shows a number of active sessions, but does not describe what a single session looks like in terms of packets/minute, packet size, etc.

So here are my questions: Assume a single, non-clustered Openfire instance can handle 10K “users”…

  • What percentage of the users are logged in at any one time?

  • How many chat messages per hour does a user send/receive, on average? (I’ll approximate peaking.)

  • How big is a typical chat payload, in bytes?

With those answers, I think I’ll be able to extrapolate what I need. Thanks in advance for your input.


I can only answer this one:

  • What percentage of the users are logged in at any one time?
    They always talk about concurrent users, which means they are all online. Offline users need just a bit space on your harddisc, so we don’t need to talk about.

However, for exact results you could make your own benchmark. There are some tools out there:;jsessionid=a9Nrg 0gng6LhrsixxE