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Openfire BOSH and converse/strophe.js NOTAUTH

Hi All,

I’ve searched and I’ve read and I just cannot find the solution to the problem I’m having.

I would really like to get our internal chat program on the web as a solid alternative to local client programs.

I have BOSH running and SparkWeb works a treat but I would like to try converse.js or strophe.js. Sadly they aren’t playing ball.

I did find out my Jabber Software Foundation certificate had lapsed so I deleted it and got a new key (although I don’t know if it works or not)!

When I try converse or strophe I get the same response “not-authorised” which causes termination.

Whilst I have tried to run through the logs I’m just getting nowhere. I know Sparkweb is discontinued. Does someone feel they may have the answer to this?

I’ve read in the logs that jabber.org maybe blocking me or federarion disable or blacklisted.

Any help would be appreciated.