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Openfire + BOSH (Candy): 60s idle timeout issue

Hey folks,

I’m trying to set up a webchat interface with my OpenFire server.

I’ve got things set up and working so far, but webchat clients get disconnected after 60s of inactivity. I’d like to increase that to 10 minutes, preferably.


  • Openfire 3.9.2Alpha (custom snapshot of 3.9.1 release + fix for TLS S2S) on CentOS
  • Web frontend: nginx, using proxy_pass to connect to localhost:7443 over HTTPS (http-bind/BOSH) - since I’d prefer to keep all communication encrypted.
  • Webchat frontend script: candy-chat
  • Using anonymous connections to the OF server, restricted to localhost
  • xmpp.httpbind.client.idle seems to have no effect
  • nginx keepalive_timeout seems to have no effect

I’ve looked into keepalive timeouts in nginx, etc and that’s all fine, it seems the connection is closed between the proxy and OF.

Any ideas?