Openfire BOSH Prebind (RID/SID generation) using Smack - is it possible?

Hi all,

I’m wondering if there is any documentation or any examples on performing BOSH prebinding with Openfire and Smack (or if this is even possible).

What I’m specifically referring to is being able to do something like on the client side and attaching to a generated Openfire BOSH session.

I’ve already defined new providers for Openfire to integrate with my existing database infrastructure, and the next step in my mind is to programmatically create new BOSH sessions using Openfire so that users authenticated against my third party database won’t need to authenticate a second time against Openfire, they’d just connect to an existing session set up server-side.

Any help, insight, tips would be greatly appreciated! If I can clarify anything about my question, please let me know.

(An example of what I mean would be but the primary difference is this seems to be implementing a BOSH service instead of triggering a new connection using an existing server, in this case Openfire with BOSH support.)