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Openfire Bug

Gday people, I noticed soemthing rather odd the other day after you have logged into the OpenFire dashboard.

Every time i Clicked the “Server” Link under the Openfire logo (top left) i had noticed the java memory jumping each time.

If you keep clicking the “Server” link without makign any changes then you will find the memory can get very high, just asking why this would happen and i can it cause it to cause a memory dump once it reaches the limit?.

I couldnt find where to edit so the version i am using is the latest 3.8.0

It’s not a bug When you press on Server tab, you just refresh the view. Java Memory is constantly growing to some point and then Garbage Collection happens and it goes down. You can watch this if you click on Server tab long enough.

Amazing … memory manged languages are…

(for the most part!)

Ok thanks for the reply mate. Java is some thing i have never toyed with, i do plenty of Ruby but yeh might have to give java a go.

Java uses a somewhat intelligent GC, in the code even calling for a GC comes as a recommendation that you would like GC to happen soon, not that it will. The JVM will decide when it is best to do so. With that said, this comes with both ups and downs, primarily that you don’t have to worry about memory management, and your code can be freely written without mallocs/allocs/deletes/frees…etc; however, the exchange is that you don’t exactly know how your code is going to increase the memory usage (especially with large amounts of object instantiations).

So in just about any Java program you will see the memory usage rise up and fall and then rinse/repeat. You only have to worry when the falls are smaller than the rises and you create a memory leak

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