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Openfire changed display name after upgrade

Hi to everyone!

It’s my first post on openfire community, i have read several threads until start a discussions about my problem. I never have a problem with my Openfire 3.6.4 + Pidgind 2.10.7 (without AD integration) but since a make an upgrade to version 3.9.1 when i start a chat with a buddy my name show with diferrent, like: user_name@xmpp_domain/some_unknow_number ( i think this number can be the JID) and before on version 3.6.4 showed only the name field from user creation tab.

Anyone have a clue?

Can you explain it a bit more or attach a screenshot? Do you mean that your own name is showing differently in the chat window? I think this is controlled by the client (usually), some setting like “Nickname”.

On the previus version, before the upgrade, when a send a mensage my name appears:

Felipe: test

(My full name in blue)

And now:

debulhator@openfire.com.br/7d5ba3af: test

(My account name+ My XMPP domain + some uknow number in blue)

I make a new test: when i set a nickname with my full name everything shows ok, but i can go on each computer on my network and set a nick name, i have more than 300!

Why in the previus version the client show my entire name and now i need a nickname for do this?

I have made my tests. I have installed clean Openfire 3.6.4 and Pidgin 2.10.0 (to make sure that wasn’t a recent change in the latest Pidgin). And if you don’t specify a local alias while adding an account to Pidgin, then it shows user@server/randomresource in your chat window, when you send a message. Actually, i can’t say 100%, but i think it always was like that with Pidgin. Local aliases are not affected by the server. Same if you set a nickname in Spark. It will only be visible to you, but all the others will see you by the name set on the server. Not sure how and why it was showing you a name before. Maybe it wasn’t the Openfire upgrade whch caused the change.

Based on your last information, i saw that the alias name configuration is linked with the server that you are conected, so… new spark server = blank alias! or something like that

I’ll ask for my users remake the alias themselves!

thread closed!