Openfire Changing Servers

I am replacing the linux server openfire is currently running on. The new server will have the same hostname and IP. I have tried moving openfire settings by using sqldump and then importing the database into the new machine. Everything seems to work fine, but on the server information screen of the new instance there is a warning next to the server name stating “Found RSA certificate that is not valid for the server domain.”

If I rerun the setup, then I lose the ability to login with any of my old user names, even if I use the same value for hostname. Also, I am currently running 3.6 and I have install 3.7 on the new machine, the database layouts seem identical, so I hadn’t been concerned about it. Also, I’m using default logins, and no SSO options in spark.

Is there a better way to do this? I would like to maintain all my current settings for my users.

Go to Server Settings > Server Certificates, remove old certificates and generate or import new ones.

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Thank you very much, sorry for the trivial question.

How can i generate new ones?

I have already said how.