Openfire: chat bar shows but not users/connections


This might seem lame, but I’m attempting to get openfire hooked up with JiveSBS. I’ve installed the Jive plugin and the two servers connect just fine.

In fact, the dialog window shows just great. Screen shot included.

However, I have 2 problems I cannot fix, and hope you can help:

  1. Connections/Users aren’t listing. Even with multiple users on the same page, the presence information isn’t coming through. Connections I have don’t show even though I have them online (using 2 accounts for testing). I have the presence plugin installed.

  2. In the user profile page there is a chat function, which prompts openfire to launch the local client (adium in this case). This launches the application, but lists the user as “[user]@openfire” Is this changeable somewhere? Are ALL users re-listed as “[user]@openfire” or can the mapping of this be modified to use their existing credentials from Jive/LDAP?

Hopefully there’s someone out there with information.



This is not a lame question, but i think it is better to ask on JiveSBS forums.