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Openfire Chat Chrome Extension

Strangely though, after i have closed Chrome and restarted the Win7 virtual machine it stopped working. It fails to auth and then just disappears so i have to disable and enable the extension again. But it still can’t auth with any login. Maybe it just in that virtual machine, but this is weird. I have restarted Openfire as well.

I just disabled all my extensions except this one. Still no go. All well.

Trying to open more than 1 chat tab, it causes to close all buddies tabs in Ubuntu 10.04.3 64Bit and Chrome 14.

Any ideas? Maybe a bug?

Lets try one more time with ver 0.0.4. Same link

I also noticed that the web page filtering does not work properly, so if it still does not work, go to Options | Advanced and clear the web page filtering.

Run in Chrome developer mode and paste the error messages or console log.

From this link: http://openfire-websockets.googlecode.com/files/ofchat.crx it will install only version…

same link just downloaded and installed version 003 again.

You may have to clear your Chrome cached pages. I will test addinng version numbers to the ofchat.crx file name.

Cache cleared, installed, same problem.

Can you run the Chrome Javascript Console and post any errors or log messages. Thanks.

Really strange: I disabled and then re-enabled OfChat and now it works.

Not sure if it was mentioned before, but if you install this extension, it will not work, at least for me, on the chrome start (app/home) page. I went to a blank google.com page and the extension is working.

Try removing all the excludes in OfChat settings > Advanced menu.

I on the other side can’t authenticate anymore, it only worked for the first time and now it can’t. This is a virtual machine and i’m loggin using IP address of the virtual gateway in that machinel. Works for Spark and worked for OfChat 1st time. Now it is failing on the Authenticate phase. No errors in javascript console (probably noithing to show there). No related errors in Openfire logs.

Works now. Had to change username@IP to username@server, though as i said it worked first time with the IP. Anyway, nice new contact list with all online users. It filters users by shared groups settings, so you can’t see online users who is not shared with you. Nice

Uploading your own avatar not yet supported by OfChat. Use Spark, Pandion or any desktop client to that for now. Not sure it can be done without a plugin on server side to convert uploaded image file into a vCard BINVAL to be stored in the user vCard.

Absolutely fantastic! My only issue is that apostrophes are not properly sanitized on sending of messages, so “I’m excited about OfChat” becomes “I’m so excited about OfChat”.

Other than that, it’s fantastic and exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank you so much.

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

I did trace the problem to the Strophe XMPP JavaScript library that was escaping both single and double quotes in message body. Not sure why, but I will comment it out for now. The change should appear in version 0.0.7 and above.

Version 0.0.7 now add support for adding avatars. You would need to enter the data URI of the image using a base64 string value for your image or use a web site like http://www.motobit.com/util/base64-decoder-encoder.asp to create a base64 string from an uploaded image (png,jpeg) file.



For details about data URI, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_URI_scheme

I would like to see a view of the chat site, this plugin

Hello, i am using Chrome 17.936.66 m with OFchat and my server (no websockets!) I can log in and see my rooster. Chatting is also working. But every 2 seconds i get -> authenticated -> disconnected -> login -> auth and so on - it’s an infinite loop :slight_smile:

So it makes chatting really hard :slight_smile: Is this still a bug or do i need to configure some OF setting?