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Openfire Chat Logs

Does anyone know how to disable users from changing the setting to record chat logs? I’m running Openfire on Windows 2003.

Hi Adam,

are you asking for a server configuration here or is your question related to the client the users are using and which allows one to create a chat log file on client side?


Thanks for getting back to me. I would like to know both areas. I noticed that user were able to disable the logging on the client side. Where on the server side would I setup the logging and storage location?

On the server-side it is configured from the “Message Audit Policy” link/page.

How would you setup the server to log all users messages?

Selcet the “Enable Message Auditing” and check the “Audit Message Packets”. The log files can be found in the folder you specify on that page and will have a name like “jive.audit-20071029-000.log”

I see the file but I cant view it, when I double click it I cant read it because it is a bunch of odd letters and numbers. When I login to the admin console it doesnt show that log in the “log” menu. How do I view the logs?

You will need a viewr that will parse the files for you, included in the Enterprise version. There is also some info here for a client to view the logs. http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/29159


you could enable the audit log or take a look at Non-Jive Openfire Plugins which contains some more plugins which allow to log chats a little bit more comfortable.