Openfire chat server getting hung

My openfire chat server gets hung every 10-15 days. I am using version openfire-3.6.4-1. This is happening more frequently now. Can somebody tell me what can be checked to resolve this issue.


What do you mean by ‘hung’? Is there in anything in the info.log, error.log, warn.log or nohup.out files relavent to the issue?

Did you disable PEP (see announcement)?

Where I can see the announcement, I am new to this forum. Also, do I need to restart the chat server services for PEP settings to take effect. Also, what is the use of PEP in chat server, whether it will create any problem for my users to login to chat services ?

When you go to the root of the forums, you should see above the posts:

Announcement: Suffering from memory-related issues in Openfire? Read this!

I think it is better to restart the server after changing this setting. PEP stays for Personal Event … Something It is safe to disable it. It won’t affect login process or general chat capabilities.


Personal Eventing Protocol which is basically a profile of the more generic pubsub that allows the xmpp user account to behave as a virtual pubsub service.