Openfire claims to start, doesn't accept connections

netstat -a claims all the right ports are listening, tail -f on error.log doesn’t bring up anything, and info.log has all the usual startup stuff, however when I try to connect via an IM client or to the admin web interface, it just sits and churns. I did a full reinstall (instead of upgrade) on Saturday with some success, but I can’t start over every time I need to reboot a server. I get the same behaviour regardles of what <setup> in openfire.xml is set for. Occasionally the server obviously doesn’t come all the way up, but with nothing in error or warn.log I’m left grabbing my ankles and hoping for it to eventually come up (which sometimes it does after enough restarts). Here’s an example of output of info.log about 4 minutes after issuing a start:

2008.04.21 08:09:55 Started server (unencrypted) socket on port: 5269

2008.04.21 08:09:55 Started plain (unencrypted) socket on port: 5222

2008.04.21 08:09:55 Started SSL (encrypted) socket on port: 5223

2008.04.21 08:10:56 Openfire stopped

2008.04.21 08:10:56 Server halted

2008.04.21 08:11:04 Openfire 3.5.0

2008.04.21 08:12:14 Admin console listening at:

2008.04.21 08:13:10 Server halted

2008.04.21 08:13:20 Openfire 3.5.0

Any one have any ideas I haven’t tried yet?



Nevermind, seems another admin was messing with iptables rules he shouldn’t have been. Re-opened the usual suspects and all is well now. Only thing left to wonder is why Openfire just sits when the ports aren’t open.

seveng wrote:

Only thing left to wonder is why Openfire just sits when the ports aren’t open.

Has nothing to do with OpenFire, but here’s the answer anyway: This is quite normal. Iptables doesn’t prevent any application to open a socket. It just prevents packets from being sent/received. In case of a listening socket, it just never gets a connection request from the outside world.


The interesting part is that Openfire (according to info.log) doesn’t always start listening. Sometimes it never starts listening on anything, sometimes just 9090 and 9091, sometimes if I let it sit long enough the admin ports will come up but not anything else (after 30 minutes away for lunch).