Openfire "Client Management" and Spark

Hi @all,

I have a question regarding the update mechanism provided by the “Client Management” plugin in conjunction with Spark.

I set up the “Spark Version” in Openfire and uploaded an own-made setup that should install Spark along with some additional plugins. Now I expect the client to detect that there is a new version available. But it doesn’t Even if I force to “Check for Updates” Spark indicates that there are no new updates available.

Some days ago when I did some first tries it seemed that Spark always detected a new version even if there was no new one!

How does Spark determine whether there is a new update? I think it’s related to some timestamp, but I wonder how this should work? Does anyone know how it’s working and can give me some hints?

Many thanks


PS: I am running openfire 3.6.0a (on Win XP for testing) and Spark 2.5.8 (on Win XP).

I had a look at the implementation of the updater within Spark and found that the file name has to be in a defined format (containing the new version number). The version from the filename is compared against the version of the currently running Spark.

This may work for “usual” Spark updates but for my requirement it’s totally useless. So I will have to find another way…