Openfire Cluster 101? Fresh install just doesn't work for me

I can’t get Openfire clustering to work, even with just one machine. I started with real servers, but moved to VirtualBox so that anyone can reproduce the same steps (shown below), or people can clue me into what I might be doing wrong.

I’m using:

Openfire 4.0.1

Hazelcast 2.2.0

Oracle JDK 1.8

Fedora 23 Server

I installed Fedora 23 [1] Server systems running as VirtualBox guests to test clustering, Openfire1 and Openfire2. Each has a public static IP interface (eth0) and a private 192.168.0.x/24 (eth1) “host only” network. IP Multicast available between both systems using either eth0 or eth1 interfaces. (If this ever works, the goal is to use eth1 for Hazelcast.)


Installed Fedora 23 Server

Turned off all firewalls (firewalld, iptables)

Installed Oracle JDK 1.8

Installed MySql Server

Created openfire database

Installed openfire 4.0.2

Populated openfire database (e.g. source /opt/openfire/resources/database/openfire_mysql.sql;)

Ran openfire setup via admin console

Openfire running and talking to database

Things work fine… shutdown, reboot, retest w/out clustering.

Install Hazelcast plugin (clustering is disabled)

Enable Clustering.

Admin console page never returns from clicking enable. I went for a beer (er… two) point being I waited longer than 30 seconds.

Is there any low hanging fruit in the steps above?

I’ve tried turning multicast off in Hazelcast, using TCP instead. I get the same result. I can’t even get clustering enabled with one node.

In case a second node is needed to cluster to, I set one up. I shutdown openfire on Openfire1 VM, leaving the system running (I need the MySql DB.)

Using the same steps above, I install a second Fedora Sever (Openfire2), install openfire etc. as above but using MySql DB on Openfire1 VM.

Openfire2 works w/out clustering, e.g. I can use the MySql DB on the other machine.

When I enable Hazelcast plugin, I get the same problem as above.

I shutdown then restart BOTH machines with clustering enabled (via edit to openfire.xml true) The goal is to test with “something to talk to”.

No luck. Using tcpdump, I see a LOT of chatter between Openfire1 and Openfire2 on the eth1 interface. They are talking to each other.

On both systems, the admin console is unresponsive (sometimes I get an exception I’ve reported in other posts.)

Since these are just test VM’s running on my Macbook, I can try a few things if anyone has an idea.

[1] I’ve done the whole thing all over again using Ubuntu 14.04.03 LTS, same result.