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Openfire Cluster Session Replication

Hi There,

I have a two node setup of openfire server running on two EC2 instances (using Hazelcast for clustering), I am using AWS ELB in front of the two openfire servers for load balancing.

Clients are using chat feature with help of HTTP-BINDING (using Strophe.Js) from UI application which is running on different EC2 instance. I am facing issue in setting up sticky session on AWS ELB.

Can someone help me understand that whether session replication or cache replication (since client sessions are stored in memory, please correct here if I misunderstood this) is a feature of openfire cluster since I get invalid SID value.

Or is there any plugin or way with which I can share client sessions between cluster nodes?

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Hi @nakul.goyal ,
were u able to solve this issue?

Openfire does not support this scenario. It expects all BOSH requests that relate to the same session to be performed at the same host.