Openfire Clustering and Pubsub

Now I want to use pubsub service on clustering mode. But I found that pubsub service will be stopped when openfire is running on clustering mode. Openfire version is 3.7.0. HOw can I use pubsub service on clustering mode? thanks

I found that the code service.getNodes().clear(); in file was added. That is correct. But there is a question it does not reload nodes when the cluster member is senior member.

I just got clustering to work with my setup. I have 2 clusters one with one node and another with a bunch of nodes. I’ve read that pubsub and pep doesn’t work when clustering is on. But someone said it works on a senior node and that’s why i created a cluster with only one node. I was wondering if you have the same issue I am experiencing.

Please note that I’m using the 3.7.1 release and am not familiar with the source.

I get an exception upon publishing using pep. Is there a specific configuration to get this working? Do I have to build from source?