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Openfire clustering in Kubernetes

I am trying to install Openfire cluster in Kubernetes (GKE). I am able to install individual instances with one MySQL DB.
I am not able to configure Hazelcast plugin for clustering. Can any one direct me to any document for installation?


The readme.html in the plugins/hazelcast folder has some light-touch documentation, with links to the proper hazelcast documentation if you need more information.


I have tried using this Hazelcast.
I tried to configure using Hazelcast Discovery Plugin for Kubernetes.
I get XML parsing error for element discovery-strategies

But no luck. Is there any example which I can follow?

I am using Openfire 4.0.3 and Hazelcast Clustering Plugin 2.2.0


Ah, the hazelcast plugin doesn’t include the Kubernetes discovery mechanism for Hazelcast. You’ll need to add the .jar file from https://github.com/hazelcast/hazelcast-kubernetes/releases to openfire/plugins/hazelcast/lib

Thanks Greg,

I have already added this jar file.

Then I’m all out of ideas> sorry, you’ll need to find someone more familiar with Hazelcast + Kubernates