Openfire Conference Rms bookmarks issue

For whatever reason, openfire’s default conference service (call “conference”) junked up and stopped working last week for us. It ruined all the conference rooms. So I destroyed the service in openfire and created a new service called ‘conferencerooms’ and setup all the rooms again. those work just fine. the issue is with those Spark clients which had conference room bookmarks. those clients still show the old service and the person’s related bookmarks. see attachment. If you rt click on the old service in spark and choose “remove service” it goes away but then reappears next time spark is started. if a user tries to open any of the old bookmarks, it freezes up spark completely. I thought upgrading spark clients from 2.5.8 to 2.6.3 would fix it, but it hasn’t.

SO, i’m assuming this has to do with openfire’s** private data storage** feature which is enabled. How can I clear out everyone’s data storage on the server without hurting the OF server itself? Would disabling **private data storage **clear out everyone’s settings on the server (preferred)? What else can I do?

You can’t delete those old bookmars either? Then i think disabling the private storage is worth a try. I think it should delete the bookmarks, but i’m not 100% sure.

I disabled the private storage for a few days but what happened was that it if a person set a new conference bookmark or auto login room, it would not save. Seems like there were be an option for these settings to ALSO save on the PC. People can currently remove old bookmarks in their spark but it just comes back the next time spark starts.

maybe I need to disable the storage, have people remove the old bookmarks, then turn storage back on.

anyone else see this?

hard to believe no one else has seen this. It’s causing bad issues for us. now it’s effecting our network because the clients are trying to connect to a service that doesnt exist and bogging everything down.

any way to wipe the private storage on the server? I went through the database and the old service is all over the place.

You didn’t answer are you able to delete those bookmarks or is it hanging when you try to do this? What version of Openfire? Older versions had a problem with services deleting.

toggling private storage on the server was useless. What I did find is that I needed everyone who had bookmarks still with the old service to right click on them and delete them AND THEN delete the bad service. So far, this seemed to do the trick and the old bookmarks and service are staying deleted.

So i guess I figured it out. My question now is if this happens again, can I just destroy the service in openfire and then create a new one with the same name and have everyone’s bookmarks remain intact?

So waht version of Openfire?

I think if you will destroy a service and create a new one with the same name, bookmarks will be lost, as it would probably have some different internal ID.

Openfire 3.7 on windows server 2008 connecting to spark 2.6.3 custom build.

Thats what i figured also about the different internal id.

Thank you.