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Openfire configuration + LDAP is not working! - Hard Situation

Hello evebody, I need your help to solve this issue.

I’ve creatd a Doc with print screens regarding the issue.

All testes show up messages with “succesfull”.

But the system stop at right point. (step 02/03 from user mapping)

Could you take a look inside the document and help me to unsdestand what’s is going on ?

Thank you, everybody.

openfire.pdf (1095215 Bytes)

First the graphics are really hard to read, but from what I can see the baseDN should be OU=Spark,DC=…

Thank you Todd

After tried many times I discovered the right configuration

Base DN:
Administrator DN:

Thank you everybody


Your AD administrator account should not have been moved out of it default location, also you have exposed the password for this user as it is stored in plain text in openfire. You should not use a domain admin for your adminDN.

Hey Todd, Good morning.

You’re right, I’ve changed the user and OU, to increase the security.

ldap.baseDN OU=PROXY_TEST,OU=xxx,DC=XXXXXX,DC=local

and created a simple user

ldap.adminDN imadmin@XXXXXX

My question now is:

There is possible implement more then 1 OU to search those users from AD?

I’ve users in this both OU’s



Thank You!!!

relax your baseDN and use filters to limit users and groups.