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Openfire connect to remote server Why?


I start Openfire, it always connects to remote server If I block this outgoing connnection, then the application does not work properly and XMPP clients cannot connect to Openfire server anymore. Why Openfire has to connect outside?

Openfire needs to be able to send the clients messages from others users, as well as other “behind-the-scenes” communication between clients and the server such as status (away, offline, etc).

But IP points to http://community.igniterealtime.org . Is it necessary to this IP? Moreover, the blocking to this IP also makes the whole system not work properly, and in fact, this IP is not a client. Why it cannot be blocked?

I suspect this is how Openfire Admin Console pulls rss news about new versions, and plugins. How exactly do you block this connection (apache rule, other firewall rule), give the example.

As my previous blocking applies on whole appliation, so the system does not work. Now I block on this particular IP, the system still works properly. Thank you for your answer.

The rss.enabled stops the polling for RSS updates. http://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-1061