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Openfire console screen goes back to setup after reboot

After reviewing all community discussions on this topic, I have tried everything. Changing the conf directory permissions or changing the conf file parameters from ‘false’ to ‘true’ my issue is not resolved. Only thing I have not tried that deleted completely openfire older from prog files (x86) but not sure if same problem occurs again after ?

This is happening on my one of the test server, luckily prod servers has the same set up but never throws back me set up screen for the console.

You can try installing it in C:\Openfire instead. Also, how do you run it? New Openfire versions install service by default. If you run it with a launcher, it can create a conflict.

Thank you so much WROOT ! yes that worked, installed on c:/openfire but not sure why? what does it make difference between just C: drive and c:/prg file 86 ?? can you please elaborate?

Windows is protecting everything in Program files with UAC (User Access Control). If you install Openfire into Program files and run it with a launcher,then you must run launcher via Run as admin. Otherwise Windows will block any changes being done to that location.