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Openfire consultant needed

scope of openfire consultation work:

(1) whether we should migrate openfire from 3.x to the latest. We use several plugins, and modify some files from openfire. The upgrade will require quite a lot of efforts.

(2) evaluate openfire 1:1 chat vs room communication. We did move from 1:1 chat to xmpp room and then encountered issues.

(3) openfire jvm optimization, and debug outofmomory issue: could not create native thread (from nowhere, thread count increased from 200 to 30k)

(4) diagnosis client connection issue: client connection on and off; sometimes no client can connection

(5) openfire cluster setup: we have 2 instances now. How can we scale to more instances or any limitation.

The payment will be hour rated for now. Please send me your preferable rate and availability to jerryhe88@gmail.com