OpenFire conversation log does not update until closing Openfire service when writing directly to Alfresco share

We have seen the setting to tell OpenFire how often to flush the conversation log files for chats. This works fine when we are writing to the local file system. If we map a drive to an Alfresco share (whereby we can drag and drop multiple files into Alfresco as content) and then have OpenFire create its conversation logs on that drive, it does not update the log file until the OpenFire server is stopped.

For instance, on local filesystem, flush interval is 10 seconds and we see the new log contents at that interval.

On Alfresco share (via mapped drive, which works by the way as we had dragged and dropped content into Alfresco using it), the logfile gets created immediately with a size of 0 bytes. It remains at 0 bytes, well beyond the 10 second flush, and only flushes if we shut down the OpenFire service.

Anyone know how to get OpenFire to flush the log file successfully at the desired interval in this situation?

Any thoughts appreciated…!