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Openfire Crashes/requires service restart

Hey everyone!

I recently have seen issues with my openfire daemon crashing on my server. When I restart/start the service it comes up fine but randomly (sometimes every few hours, sometimes it will be up for a few days) it crashes and has to be started again. I looked in the logs and didn’t see any obvious issues.

I am currently running 3.9.3 but was seeing the issue before the most recent upgrade. I am running CentOS 6.5 64 Bit.

Error logs are attached.

Please let me know what else I can provide to figure this out!


Message was edited by: Matt Armour. Attached log as a file.

You can trim this log here (to much to scroll…) or attach it as a file. No need of repeating the same error over and over. Do you experience the crashes more often after the upgrade to 3.9.3? There is a memory leak increase in this or 3.9.2 likely

Some users (including me) experience often system crashes, though i occasionally see that with 3.9.1 also, but that may be some other case. When it crashes and you go to CentOs login, do you see OutOfMemory errors on linux prompt?

I don’t see any out of memory errors in the console when I log in to restart the service. Is there a log I can check? I did bump the JVM memory up a tad a while back since the memory was getting full.

I have seen an increse in crashes in 3.9.3 by a good bit. I skipped the previous version 3.9.2 and crashes were rare, if any as far as I I can recall, on 3.9.1.

Logs are available in the Admin Console or at /openfire/logs. But you won’t find anything other that you already attached.

3.9.3 was just a quick fix for some unrelated to memory issues, so it is the same as 3.9.2. Personally i have reverted to 3.9.1 as 3.9.3 was crashing after a day of usage. Now it runs 18+ days. Only yesterday i had a few mysterious crashes one after another (think maybe someone pasted huge message or added some weird avatar or something…).

How do you downgrade?

Just install 3.9.1 like you would an upgrade?

I had a backup, so i have only left database and conf folders in place, removed all the new files (you can also leave resources/security, which holds SSL certificates) and copied old ones from backup. On Windows i have also tried just uninstalling and installing older one (on a test server). Usually it works.

I’m not using installation package on linux (just a tar.gz archive), so i’m not sure how it will behave when trying to install older version on top or if you just replace files.

Just an update to anyone else who may have this issue:

I backed up my conf folder and my sql database and removed the openfire RPM. I then reinstalled openfire 3.9.1 and copied my conf back over. I then attempted to start the service and then the process stopped. I checked the logs and for whatever reason my sql password needed to be updated in the conf file. Once updated, I was able to start the service and it has been running stable ever since.

If I run into anything else I will update this thread.

I am now seeing this on 3.9.1 as well. Load seems to skyrocket and then the service dies.

Well, there is a chance that something from the 3.9.3 sits in the database and causes that. But you can’t fix that, unless rolling back to the database backup prior the upgrade. For me it works. And there were only those one day freezes. Now it works ok so far.